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Welcome to LinCraft!

jacklin213 aElite Admin posted Aug 10, 12
Hello all and Welcome to LinCraft

LinCraft is a friendly place in the world of minecraft. LinCraft is based in the medieval times where everything is old fashion. The back ground as you see is just a small part of a forest. LinCraft is all about living a life of a everday citizen with you are a Black smith or a merchant to fishers.

Come join us in the world of LinCraft !! REGISTER NOW

Licence expired :(

jacklin213 aElite Admin posted Aug 26, 12
Well guys our licence expired a few days ago.
we will be upgrading our plan once more people join so i hope you guys don't mind for now
thanks for being loyal


Looking for Loyal Members

jacklin213 aElite Admin posted Aug 11, 12
Before LinCraft opens we need Loyal Members to come help out on building the map.
Anyone who does help out will receive EliteMember. Still deciding on giving out other prizes

Elite Member

Loyal Members joined so far:

REGISTER NOW !!!! p.s remember to PM me once you've register

Kaye Patch   registered to LinCraft
derrick   registered to LinCraft
Lomaru   registered to LinCraft
jakefromtheinternet   registered to LinCraft
Maeva19   registered to LinCraft
enripanc x  registered to LinCraft
meykur x  registered to LinCraft
rammerhammer   registered to LinCraft
rammerhammer   donated $20.00 to LinCraft.
Liked this
nialler19930   registered to LinCraft
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